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We have developed a model that enables us to collect existing, effective solutions and to distribute them combining an open-source strategy with dedicated programs.  

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We work with:

and other impact-driven organisations, designing programs able to bring these solutions where they’re needed the most, lowering the risks of investment and implementation for all the actors involved.

  • Educational Institutions


We allow educational institutions to integrate courses, lectures and initiatives focused on social entrepreneurship and data-driven impact, its challenges and models.

In particular, we connect theoretical and practical activities including final projects, research and thesis assignments, in order to increase their chances of creating long-lasting impact in the local community.

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  • NGOs and Social Enterprises


All of the Blueprints on our platform are solutions that a person, group or organisation has developed and proven to be impactful somewhere in the world.

We allow for these solutions to scale with a strategy that identifies the core elements needed for a certain solution to function in any location, and the elements to be adapted to every new local context. We shape the material needed to run this process anywhere and at any time needed.

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  • Governments


We combine a multidisciplinary strategy with data-driven solutions to design programs that reduce duplication of efforts and risk of investments in sustainable development, at both the local and national level.

This methodology allows us to incentivise new policies around Public-Private Partnerships and Impact Investing, while actively working on commitments with national and international agendas – like the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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