Week of Climate: the Action Toolkit

Care about Climate Change? Take action during the Week of Climate.

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From October 9 – 15, people around the world are coming together to raise awareness and take action for Climate Change. This cause is real, it needs everyone involved, and youth and education play a huge role in it.

For this reason, we decided to team up with Fundación Tierravida and create a Climate Change Action Toolkit to use in schools, universities and communities, anywhere in the world. It includes:

  • background and educational material on Climate Change
  • the step-by-step guide to execute a few-hour activity for climate change during the Week of Climate
  • a full library of alternative actions to make happen in your own local community

We invite every teacher, professor, youth leader and social activist to join this initiative, and use this toolkit to bring people together and co-create initiatives for climate change.

Let’s bring collective action for this cause to the next level. Join us!

Get the action toolkit


This is an initiative designed by Impacton.org and Fundación Tierravida in collaboration with our Media and Community Partners:

Here’s how you can get involved

  • Run an activity with your class, group or community

    Do you want to take action, but don’t know what to do yet? Use our step-by-step guide to host a workshop or a community action during the Week of Climate.

    Get the action toolkit

    Have you decided to take action? If so, please fill out our Welcome Form to let us know exactly what you’ll be doing and when!

  • Can’t run an activity that week? Help amplify.

    If you can’t host a climate action or workshop the week of October 9th, then please share the opportunity with your community via email and/or social networks.

    Join our Thunderclap Campaign using your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr page! At the start of the Week of Climate, we’ll be using these networks to broadcast the initiative to tens of thousands of people all at once.

    Join the campaign

    Invite teachers, professors and youth leaders to join the initiative. We made a toolkit to help them easily run an activity during Week of Climate, and any other time!

Shareables, visuals and more!

Use this link to access the #Weekofclimate media kit. It includes images and content that you can use to spread the word about this initiative, and invite others to join.

Done with love,
The Impacton Team

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From October 9-15th, join thousands of people around the world in raising awareness, and empowering youth to take action for Climate Change.

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