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3C Eco-house

Use non-recyclable plastic to build social houses, employing women and youth from vulnerable communities.

3D Printed Oven

Enable native communities to avoid cutting trees and use 3D-printed ovens to set-up food micro businesses.

Clothes from leftover fabric

Reduce waste by collecting leftover fabric and provide employment to vulnerable groups.

Colour Village

Use colour and creativity to revive villages and urban areas

Community Empowering Food Program

This toolkit is developed in collaboration with its Originator with the purpose of supporting local community empowerment and activities. This is a 9-month circular and collaborative …

House Recovery Program

Mobilise local communities and civic actors to identify and renovate buildings in impoverished areas.

Hydroponics food

Produce healthy food with low-cost water-saving hydroponics.

Incubation programme for sustainable food businesses

National incubation program for finding new approaches to food innovation.

Shoes from tires

Make sustainable shoes from waste materials and provide less skilled workers with opportunity.

Sport for Inclusion

Change the life outcomes of youth with surfing and sports.