Bring your project to everywhere needed.

The #1 thing we know about proven, impact formulas is that they are needed somewhere else too. We turn existing impact formulas into toolkits, or Blueprints, enabling organisations to coordinate a decentralised, empowering scaling strategy, on global level.

Our tool is:

  • Adaptive. Context matters. PDF manuals don’t allow adaptation and looping-back of insights, creating a one-way input process. Our tool used AI to guide collaborators through learning, improving and adapting an existing project to their own, local context.
  • Learning-oriented. Shared learning is key. Our Replication Tool provides inputs to each actor interested in replicating an existing project, and loops back the insights about each local chapter, sharing it with everyone involved.
  • Empowering. Our goal is to ensure people connect with each other, learn about powerful projects and collaborate to make them happen, while digital tools take away unnecessary overheads and people-intensive processes.