Social Enterprises



Social Entrepreneurship takes techni-ques designed by start-up companies and entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions and applies them to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This concept covers a variety of organisations with different sizes, aims, and beliefs.

Thus, the Social Enterprises section contains Blueprints of projects and organizations that apply commercial and entrepreneurial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.

Blueprints Summary


  • Precious Plastic

    Precious Plastic is a project developed by Dave Hakkens that allow people around the world to start their own local plastic workshop, first building their own machines and then exploring the infinite ways to transform plastic waste into new tools.

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  • Risk Lab (Laboratorio de Riesgo)
    Risk Lab is a solution developed by Pacifico, an innovative company based in Chile that uses creativity and new technologies to help vulnerable communities reduce the risks created by natural disasters and climate change.

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  • Sampah Jujur
    Sampah Jujur is a project by John Hardy that engages your community to organize collective clean-up actions (‘trash walks’) and sell the trash at a drop-off point where it gets sorted before being re-sold at a margin to recycling centers.

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