A unique, transformational program for inmates to reconnect with empathy, connection and love

About the project

The Prison Pet Project is a very simple yet powerful formula focused on emotional healing and social inclusion. It matches shelter houses with prisons, running a program that involves inmates about to get out, and dogs. The result is a powerful process of bonding, emotional connection and healing.

The formula

WHAT IF you could end recidivism bringing together inmates and dogs from shelters?

Impact and Main Outcomes

How long ago have inmates had the chance to show their emotions? How many years have they lived without a hug, or a genuine laugh, or feeling unconditionally loved? These questions might seem obvious, but in Prison Pet Partnership they become the cornerstones of a transformational process. This model has proven that playful healing is a game-changer, and creates a unique space for inmates to reconnect with themselves, their sense of worth, their ability to connect with others and their being worth of unconditional love.

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