Miracle Messages

Messages from our homeless neighbors to their loved ones.

Why this project matters and who it is for

Miracle Messages are short (video) messages from homeless individuals to their long-lost loved ones, recorded and delivered by you.

Which / How the Global Goals are addressed

No Poverty

No Poverty

This project allows homeless people to reconnect with their family, helping them find a place to live; eradicating poverty and give them a better quality of life.

Good Health and Well-being

Good Health and Well-being

This chain of messages connects homeless people with their loved ones, supporting them from an emotional and psychological point of view. People’s wellbeing is achieved thanks to the social inclusion of the most forgotten members of the same community.

Impact / Main outcome and goal

This simple project can strengthen its beneficiaries emotionally and psychologically; it may even lead to them being reunited with their families or finding a new home. Furthermore, spreading messages through social media raises visibility and awareness on this issue.

Context compatibility

You can replicate this Blueprint in any community in the world.


Social Inclusion

Type of project



San Francisco, California, USA

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Beneficiaries / Target

Homeless, Family

Complexity level

Simple Easy Moderate Elaborated Complex

Type of license

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