We work with foundations, philanthropies, impact awards and incubators interested in diving deeper into the impact of their portfolio, and learn what projects could perform better or widen the reach by identifying a better scaling strategy.

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Do you have a project or program that you consider effective, with solid evidence of impact, and that could be adapted and re-implemented in more locations?

Our Project Assessment methodology enables us to analyse the impact, model and architecture of your existing program or project, in order to:

  • help you understand its readiness to scale
  • identify the best strategy to maximise its reach and impact
  • identify the key characteristics of local partners and talents to involve in each different local context
  • outline the right message to involve partners and investors

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When a project or program can only scale by replication, we provide:

  • dedicated Scaling Tools for small-medium impact organisations to multiply their impact on national and international level
  • a dedicated Knowledge Center for large institutions to spread best practices across the organisation, enabling local teams to adapt and re-implement them locally.

Our Scaling Tools enable organisations to multiply the impact of their proven models faster, with less overhead and at a fraction of the cost.

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Meet some of our clients to date:

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