Program for plastic collection, recycling and eco-construction

Why this project matters and who it is for

EcoInclusión is a non-profit organization that aims to eliminate plastic waste pollution by means of transforming it into a building solutions for more vulnerable members of society. EcoInclusión designed specific refuse collection programs that involve different society players from, both private and public sectors. The plastic collected can be transformed into eco-construction products (such as bricks).

In this Blueprint you will find manuals and audiovisual guides to replicate both:
  • The EcoNetwork programs for plastic collection
  • A step-by-step guide to produce EcoBricks, recycling plastic waste.
The 2 EcoNetwork programs:

If your work with a private entity (companies, enterprises, educational institutions, etc.)
  • Annual Membership program: transforming the plastic collected into products for eco-constructions and selecting a social cause you’d love to cooperate with. This program aim to involve the local community and, at the same time, trains the partner organizations.
  • Monthly Collection program: each partner organization is provided with a specific garbage can. Once a month, the plastic will be recollected and, then, allocated for building purposes.

If you work with a local or national public entity (governments, municipalities etc.)
  • Collection program for Municipalities: each public organisation is provided with branded refuse collection points. The periodic waste pick-up is coordinated directly by the public organisation.

Ecobricks manufacturing

An EcoBrick is made of a recycled plastic bottles or containers. It weights 35% less than a regular one and has higher insulating properties. Moreover, EcoInclusión developed an international, free patent for unlicensed use.

20 big plastic bottles (PET) = 1 EcoBrick

Which are the Global Goals and how are addressed?

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable cities and communities

The EcoNetwork Programs allow the creation of differentiated collection systems, involving and training - at different level - the specific actors of a community.

Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible production and consumption

The plastic collected is transformed into raw materials that can be used for private or public buildings construction (such as houses, libraries, lunchrooms, etc.), a responsible production in harmony with our environment.

Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Alliances to achieve goals

This project engages - at different level - all the actors of the society, creating alliances between governments, the private sector and civil society to pursue social-environmental causes. The networks generated share the same vision, values and goals.

Context compatibility

EcoNetwork: the programs can be adapted to each country needs, including those ones without a structured system of waste collection and recycling. The model is compatible with any third sector organizations that can benefit from the waste collection, recycling, reusing for social purpose.

EcoBricks: some specific tools are required, the production process is easily replicable.

This Blueprint will be publicly launched with a global campaign in March 2019.

But you can start its replication right now by clicking here!


Environment, Recycling, Climate change, Sustainable cities, Green economy

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Program/Social enterprise


Córdoba, Argentina

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Meet the Owner

EcoInclusión is a non-profit organization located in the City of Alta Gracia, province of Córdoba. The Foundation was founded in 2014 by a group of young people: Leandro Miguez, Leandro Lima and Fabián Saieg, who aim to promote the creation of a more just, equitable and sustainable society. With its eco-brick project made of plastic waste, EcoInclusión won the #DesafíoGoogleOrg 2017 for Latinoamérica.

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Our main purpose is to eliminate the pollution by plastic waste, transforming it into constructive solutions for the most vulnerable sectors of society. Fabián Saieg EcoInclusión President

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