Community Gardens Initiative

Home-grown healthy food for local communities

Why this project matters and who it is for

Engaging the community to cultivate a garden that provides home-grown, healthy food for local residents, while reducing the ecological footprint and teaching young and old people about the benefits of local food production in the fight against climate change.

Which / How the Global Goals are addressed

Responsible Consumption and Production

Responsible Consumption and Production

Starting a community garden represents an informed choice to ensure responsible consumption and production, operating in harmony with the environment.

Climate Action

Climate Action

By growing organic, healthy products in the community gardens, local residents can reduce their ecological footprint and, at the same time, increasing awareness on climate change issues.

Impact / Main outcome and goal

This practical guide and manual is for educators and students to take the correct steps in planting a successful community garden and to learn about the environmental benefits of doing so.

Context compatibility

This project is perfect to be run with any group or community interested in understanding better climate change, and the actions that we can take to address this challenge. It can be run in any outdoor space with plenty of light and fertile soil.


Climate Change, Education

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