Let’s do more than (just) protests.

Start where you are

Find below our collection of projects focused on Climate Change,
ordered by time, effort and resources needed.

Active Citizenship Festival

Bring together your city for a 24h festival and co-creation process around social, cultural, environmental and urban themes.

Climate Change action toolkit

Identify key links between climate change and food consumption, and how to create powerful alternatives.

Clothes from recycled fabric

Engage with factories to collect fabric waste, and turn it into ethical products employing women and migrants.

Hydroponics food

Produce healthy food
with a low-cost solar hydroponics
system, and with just 1/10 of water.

Rain Harvesting Tank

Fight drought and climate change with a rain-harvesting tank, to collect water for both private use and agriculture.

Solar Energy Oven

Enable native communities to avoid cutting trees and use 3D-printed ovens to set-up food micro businesses.