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EcoInclusión is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is to eliminate the contamination of plastic waste, transforming it into constructive solutions for the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Complexity Level: Moderate


Córdoba, Argentina

Engaging the community to cultivate a garden that provides home-grown, healthy food for local residents, while reducing the ecological footprint and teaching young and old people about the benefits of local food production in the fight against climate change.

Complexity level: Easy

Community Gardens Initiative

Vitória, Brasil

Eh!Copate is a project that focuses on learning development around environmental sustainability and climate change, combined with a process that allows participants to take actions to build more sustainable communities.

Complexity level: Easy

Climate Change Action Toolkit

Córdoba, Argentina

Miracle Messages are short (video) messages from homeless individuals to their long-lost loved ones, recorded and delivered by you.

Complexity level: Simple

Miracle Messages

California, USA

Prison Pet Partnership gives inmates the opportunity to learn valuable pet care vocational skills to use in finding employment when they resume their lives outside of prison.

Complexity level: Moderate

Prison Pet Partnership

Washington, USA

100in1day is a one-day active citizenship festival, where citizens transform their city with one hundred (or more) urban, social, environmental and cultural interventions.

Complexity level: Easy


Bogotá, Colombia

#Blood4all raises awareness on the importance of voluntary blood donations by coordinating community-driven blood donations (Blood Drives) around the world.

Complexity level: Moderate



Support and open a dialog with refugees and other minorities in your community by writing public messages of love and unity to make them feel welcome and appreciated.

Complexity level: Simple

Neighborhood Love Notes

Minnesota, USA

Get a local restaurant or café to (temporarily) charge its more affluent customers for breakfast and lunch to offer free dinners to the very poor and homeless.

Complexity level: Easy

Robin Hood Café

Madrid, Spain


Why so few Blueprints?

There's many solutions out there, but not all of them should or can be replicated in other locations. This can be either because they're highly specific or because their configuration doesn't make them solid enough to be brought in new contexts. Our Blueprints are solutions that have demonstrated solid impact, empowering mechanisms and the parameters for context adaptation.

What is a Blueprint, exactly?

You can learn more about our model here.

How can I know if a project could be a Blueprint?

Whoever knows or created a project that might be used somewhere else, can get started with our First Impact Assessment here.

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