A program to multiply proven actions and re-build our communities and society, together.

ApartButUnited is a program that mobilises tangible, collective actions to respond to our communities’ challenges in COVID-19 times, and beyond.

For each action area, the program provides: 

  • proven models to learn, adapt and replicate locally
  • guidance and mentoring from experts
  • step-by-step toolkits for implementation.


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Tablets for good.

Set up a HUB TO COLLECT AND DONATE tablets TO hospitals, retirement homes OR SCHOOLS.
This program enables you to provide devices for:

  • patients to say goodbye
  • elderly to connect with their families
  • children to access education.
  • Start date: June 2020

    Up-skill & connect.

    This program enables you to learn how to:

  • help others to re-position professionally
  • set up small groups to practice a foreign language and public presentation while engaging with youth.
  • Start date: June 2020

    Pivot local businesses.

    Help local businesses IDENTIFY AND re-purpose their KEY assets to thrive.

    This program enables you learn how to:


    • identify local businesses in need of support
    • help them shape the right strategy to re-activate their activities
    Start date: June 2020

    Cafes and Restaurants

    learn how to help cafes and restaurants boost their activities and engagement
    This program enables you to learn how to:

  • help local bars and cafes to identify the right strategy to re-activate their activities
  • shape engagement focused on experience, and on bringing together the entertainment and the food industry
  • *Start date to be announced*
    All the #ApartButUnited programs focus on actions centred in INCLUSIVE, SUSTAINABLE and regenerative models.

    Do you know about projects and actions worth spreading? Let us know!

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    How does the program works?

    1. SIGN UP

    Choose the program that suits your skills and interests. You will receive a confirmation email with the next steps!


    Join the 40min on-boarding call, learn about how to get started and meet other people aiming to implement the same actions in their community.


    Let us support you! Join our community calls, connect with other members and use our toolkits to set-up these actions in your city or area!

    Some of our partners

    Interested in becoming a partner?

    Frequently asked questions:

    At the very least you will need:

    • Stable internet to join the meetings online
    • A WhatsApp number to join the group
    • An email account to receive the materials
    • Your daily effort to start the action!

    Anyone who wants to contribute to our way forward.

    The program does not require specific knowledge or experience. It offers tangible, actionable opportunities to support others with our skills and time, using proven models to reimplement locally.

    Our targets include:

    • Students and youth
    • Third sector and non-profit organisations
    • Small businesses & social enterprises
    • Professionals, creatives, designers and trainers
    • The volunteering world
    • Social leaders.


    The program timing is designed to accommodate as many timezones as possible so that you can join from where ever you are in the world!

    The deadline is always the day before the program starts.

    If the program is full we will ask you if you want to join a different one or the next edition.

    The meetings will be online and we will use Zoom for the meetings.

    You can download it here before the program starts.


    We love new projects. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to send us your ideas! 

    Participation is completely free!

    Depending on how you decide to execute or implement the project there may be associated costs which you would be responsible for.

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