All Blueprints (A-Z)

  • #Blood4all

    #Blood4all raises awareness on the importance of voluntary blood donations, by coordinating community-driven blood donations around the world.
    Categories: Health and Wellbeing

  • 100 in 1 day

    100in1day is a one-day active citizenship festival, where citizens transform their city with one hundred (or more) urban, social, environmental and cultural interventions.
    Categories: Sustainable Cities

  • Community Gardens Initiative

    This initiative engages your school or community to plant a garden that provides home-grown, healthy food for local residents, while reducing your ecological footprint and teaching young and old about the benefits of local food production in the fight against climate change.
    Categories: Natural Disasters and Climate Change , Sustainable Cities

  • Lavamae

    Lava Mae converts old buses into bathrooms and showers for homeless people. They launched the mobile hygiene service in June of 2014 and it has since provided 14,000+ showers to 2,400 people.
    Categories: Health and Wellbeing , Recycling , Social Inclusion , Sustainable Cities

  • Liter of Light

    Liter of Light is a global, grassroots movement committed to providing affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity.
    Categories: Access to Energy , Recycling

  • The Lunchbox Project

    The Lunchbox Project allows you to set up a collective fundraiser to pay off unpaid accounts for your local school’s lunch debts, so that children from all backgrounds can continue having full, nutritious meals every day.
    Categories: Health and Wellbeing , Social Inclusion

  • Miracle Messages

    Miracle Messages are short (video) messages from homeless individuals to their long-lost loved ones, recorded and delivered by you.
    Categories: Social Inclusion

  • Neighborhood Love Notes

    Neighborhood Love Notes are drawings and messages of love, support, understanding and unity written in public spaces and directed towards refugees, migrants or other minorities who often face some form of discrimination or exclusion from society.
    Categories: Refugees and Migrants , Social Inclusion

  • Playground for Kids

    This project revitalises young children’s playgrounds, schools or run-down urban areas using easy-to-access resources, recycled material and even illustrations designed by the kids themselves, starting from open-source plans and stencils.
    Categories: Recycling , Social Inclusion , Sustainable Cities

  • Precious Plastic

    Precious Plastic is a project developed by Dave Hakkens that allows people around the world to start their own local plastic workshop, first building their own machines and then exploring the infinite ways to transform plastic waste into new tools.
    Categories: Recycling , Social Enterprises

  • Prison Pet Partnership

    A Prison Pet Partnership heightens prison inmates’ sense of empathy and responsibility by having them interact with, take care of, and train dogs or other animals from shelters to be given a new home.
    Categories: Health and Wellbeing , Social Inclusion

  • Rainbow Village

    The Rainbow Village project brings together the inhabitants of impoverished cities’ neighbourhoods to paint their homes and streets in bright colours, as well as embellishing them with creative and artistic drawings.
    Categories: Sustainable Cities

  • Risk Lab (Laboratorio de Riesgo)

    Risk Lab is a solution developed by Pacifico, an innovative company based in Chile that uses creativity and new technologies to help vulnerable communities reduce the risks created by natural disasters and climate change.
    Categories: Natural Disasters and Climate Change , Recycling , Social Enterprises

  • Robin Hood Café

    A Robin Hood Café is a restaurant or café that charges its more affluent customers for breakfast and lunch to sustainably offer free dinners, as well as a warm place to spend the evening, to the very poor and homeless.
    Categories: Health and Wellbeing , Social Inclusion , Sustainable Cities

  • Sampah Jujur

    Sampah Jujur is a project by John Hardy that engages your community to organize collective clean-up actions (‘trash walks’) and sell the trash at a drop-off point where it gets sorted before being re-sold at a margin to recycling centers.
    Categories: Recycling , Social Enterprises


    This program is the coordinated action of diverse social actors to guarantee access to water that is safe for human consumption, production, and sanitation, while emphasizing local empowerment and community management of the water systems.
    Categories: Natural Disasters and Climate Change 

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