We turn projects into movements

Impacton is inspired by the talent and energy of individuals and organisations across the world, working to solve our biggest challenges and create a better tomorrow. Our mission is to collect their impact formulas and make their Blueprints accessible to anyone who needs them.

Our team

Meg Pagani
Founder & CEO
Monica Paolizzi
COO and Head of programs

Our Advisors

Rogayeh Tabrizi
Data science and impact advisor
Erin Casali
Product development advisor
Marta Ghiglioni
Legal Frameworks Advisor

Our Ambassadors

Meet our network of experts that advise us and co-create our models and tools

Luigi Cavallito
Ambassador, Lebanon
Delfina Lopez Freijido
Ambassador, Argentina
Lorenzo Giorgi
Ambassador, Italy
Diego Philippi
Ambassador, Chile
Shreye Saxena
Ambassador, US
Carolina Bigonha
Ambassador, Brazil
Marco Buonvino
Ambassador, Italy
Kenneth Andejeski
Ambassador, US
Shajara Roshdy
Ambassador, US
Elena Bologna
Ambassador, UK
Flaminia Bianchi
Ambassador, UK
Josh Entsminger
Ambassador, US
Ajay Mittal
Ambassador, India
Stephanie Speranza
Ambassador, Argentina
Cole Hoover
Ambassador, US
Andrina Beuggert
Ambassador, Swizterland