Skoll Foundation World Forum 2020 – Recorded Presentation with Meg Pagani

“How can we spread what works?”
“How can we maximise the reach and impact of best practices?”

Over the last few weeks questions like these acquired a whole new relevance.

The spread of COVID-19 has made us naturally focus on identifying what’s been effective elsewhere and make it available to as many people as possible, mobilising collective action for prevention while making sure to adapt approaches to local contexts.

This is crucial to tackle this pandemic, but it’s also extremely relevant when we want to grow impact solutions and reach everyone who needs them.

We call it “scaling impact” but there’s ways to approach it.

In this session we explore:

  • The different models to “scale impact”;
  • The characteristics, opportunities and differences between centralised and decentralised scaling strategies;
  • The role of decentralised technology to combine “top down guidance” with “bottom up adoption” to ensure the adaptation of practices to local contexts;
  • The role of collective action when strategies and solutions need to be “global first” and “planet first” to succeed.

We choose to look at current times as if “everything is an invite”: to look at things differently, and to find new ways to create collective value together. Divisi ma uniti. Apart but united.

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