Risk Lab (Laboratorio de Riesgo)


Risk Lab (Laboratorio de Riesgo) is a solution developed by Pacífico, an innovative company based in Chile that uses creativity and new technologies to help vulnerable communities reduce risks created by natural disasters and climate change.


Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile




Project – social enterprise


Risk Lab is a collection of workshops and methodologies focused on training communities to build their own sensors and devices for early alerts on natural catastrophes like: floods, the “el niño” phenomenon, earthquakes, pollution (water, land, air) and climate change.  

Time and effort required

  • 3-6 months between planning and intervention

Resources required

  • Medium amount of funding, starting from $10,000-15,000 USD for a new location/chapter set-up

**Important: this is merely a showcase of the amazing work of Pacífico. We’re currently working to collect all the information needed to publish a Blueprint about this project. 

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