Welcome to Impacton

Welcome to Impacton

The global platform for individuals and communities
to identify and spread proven impact models.

A new way to take action

Let's build on what works.

Proven Models

We analyse and select projects with
an impact framework developed
with our global network of experts.


We engage with Project Originators
interested in scaling impact
beyond the limits of their organisation.

Context Driven

Context matters.
We work with projects that are replicable
and adaptable to multiple local contexts.
Coronavirus Action Series

Coronavirus Action Series

freecollaborative and open-source collection of resources and how-to guides focused on taking individual and community action for the side-effects triggered by the spreading of Coronavirus or COVID-19.

Projects worth spreading

Browse some of the most powerful impact projects on earth,
ready to be adapted and used by anyone, anywhere.
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The Climate Change Action Series

The Climate Change Action Series

Let’s do more than just protests.

We selected the best initiatives focused on Climate Change, and we turned them into actionable toolkits for individuals and communities to use, anywhere in the world

The Plastic Action Series

The Plastic Action Series

Let’s do more than just beach clean ups.

We created a collection of projects focused on Plastic recycling and up-cycling, and we published their toolkits for anyone to build sustainable plastic projects in their communities.

How does it work?

We equip entrepreneurs, community leaders and activists
with the models and tools to create real global impact.

Choose an impact project

Why reinventing the wheel?
Build on what works!
Browse our collections of projects, ready to use.

Learn about its model

Use our tools and training sessions to learn about the projects’s model, its impact and key requirements.

Take action

From global Blueprints to local impact: take action adapting the existing model to your own community's needs.

Connect with allies

Join a global movement for good: meet new peers, share insights and find key partners to make your projects grow.

The 10to2030 Program

IT’S 10 TO 2030. NOW WHAT?

10to2030 is the first Global Program for partners and talents interested in spreading, supporting or replicating proven impact models, everywhere needed.

Why impacton?

Stories and testimonies from our clients and partners

When we won the Google Impact Challenge, they set us the goal to scale to 10+ other locations, within 3 years.

Without Impacton it would have been impossible, while now we have 30+ hubs building upon our formula.

Fabian Saieg, Fundación Ecoinclusión
Fabian Saieg, Fundación Ecoinclusión

Real progress is shared.

Impacton is cracking the code of international development and cooperation, by giving access to solutions that are sustainable, adaptable and create local empowerment. This is a key aspect of the 2030 agenda.

Lorenzo Giorgi, Liter of Light Europe
Lorenzo Giorgi, Liter of Light Europe

Our clients and partners.

We build legacies.

We partner with leading organisations, activists, businesses and philanthropies.

“Nearly every problem has been solved by someone, somewhere.
The challenge of the 21st century is to find out what works and scale it up.”


Browse our latest reports, case studies, media and events.
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